If you are dealing with the IRS, a CPA can help. If the government is hounding you, the main topic of focus is usually money. Although money may not be the most important thing in life, it is definitely necessary. If the IRS decides that you are not paying them what your owe them they will take action. They may choose to garnish your wages or seize your bank accounts.

Both of these situations are not pleasant. The IRS does not know, or care how much your monthly expenses are, they are only focused on getting the money they think you owe them. The lesser of the two evils is probably wage garnishment. The IRS has been known not warn you in advance about wage garnishments. If you owe the them money, be aware of the fact that they may take a percentage of your paycheck. Most likely, they will take a substantial percentage, which in turn, can make it hard to cover your monthly expenses.

Some worry that if their employer sees that their wages are being garnished that they may be looked down upon and subject to termination. According to the United States Department of Labor “Title III of the Consumer Credit Protection Act prohibits an employer from discharging an employee whose earning have been subject to garnishment for any one debt.” In any case, if your wages are being garnished you should seek the aide of an experience CPA. A CPA may not be able to stop your wages from being garnished, but they can help you negotiate a payment plan or agree on the amount of garnishment from each check.

One of the most serious tactics the Internal Revenue Service uses is bank account seizures. If they decide you owe them money, they will take action. Seizing your bank account is a serious action, with huge consequences. They will freeze your account, thus stopping your access to your money. Like wage garnishments, the IRS does not care what expenses you have to pay, they are only concerned with getting their money. If you receive a seizure notice, or your bank accounts are seized you need consult a CPA in Reno, Nevada.

On a side note, the government can and will seize physical assets. These assets include your cars, home, and other personal possessions. If you are having your wages garnished or your bank accountants seize you need help. An experienced CPA will help you deal with the IRS and help you find a middle ground with the IRS.