A 150 hours of schooling, passing the CPA exam, and continued education… But why did I want to be become a Reno CPA? Better yet, why did I want to open my own office?

Growing up I always had a mind for numbers and was interested in business. I started my entrepreneurial ventures at a young age. When I was 13, my brother, who was good in sports, started playing in Babe Ruth League. Since he was a better athlete than I was, I decided to run the snack bar instead of playing. This was a great way to make money, and learn about profit potential. Now, at this point I did not have a clue that being a Reno CPA was in my future. I just knew that I was comfortable with numbers and enjoyed business.

After graduating from Hug High School, I went on to the University of Nevada, Reno. It was there, in the accounting department, that I was guided into the world of accounting. My professors were great and really did help steer me in this direction. Being a Reno CPA made sense. It was everything I enjoyed, along with the ability to help individuals and businesses.

When I started off, I was working with larger firms, but I started to notice a problem. A lot of the CPA firms that I worked for were all about making sure the numbers were right, but not as worried about the client. I decided that I had to run my own firm and do things in a more personal manner than the larger accounting firms.

As a Reno CPA, I like the mentoring aspect of the business. My personality is such that I really like to, “think outside the box,” it is such a cliché but it really helps them in areas other than accounting and the numbers. Being a CPA is a great way to help people while working with numbers and business. Yes, there was a lot of schooling and a test to get here, and I continue to educate myself yearly, but I love what I do.

Reno’s Best CPA,

Tim Nelson